Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

hope you all are having a wonderful christmas!

i've posted a photo of my old 'night before christmas' book which i read to my kids every christmas eve. last night Lilah and i noticed that the little girl sleeping on the left of the cover has her hair in the same type of old fashioned curlers i made for Lilah which she slept in last night too. and also here is a photo of Lilah this morning wearing a princess dress and an old tiara Santa brought and left a note saying it was once worn by a beauty queen, miss dairy 1962! Noah is happy today too. Santa brouht him legos, bionicals, music and playstation games.

btw, the artist who illustrated the book was Arthur Rackham. i love his illustrations. i've tried to provide links to more of his work but am unable to... can't figure out why! his 'alice in wonderland illustrations are just breathtaking! i'll write more on him later.

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